My Experience as a Tutor

My Experience as a Tutor

My Experience as a Tutor

After 35 years of teaching French to so many pupils for the French government, what else could I do than teach French once I emigrated in the US in July 2005? I became a US citizen and thanks to WyzAnt Tutoring I felt useful to my new country. So I want to say a big Thank You to WyzAnt, as we say in French "Merci!"

I went to Orange Park, Jacksonville and Middleburg, and met pupils of all levels, all ages, who were delighted and I was as well. This is an experience I will never forget, and if I have to do it again in 2010, I'll do it without a doubt. It's a joy and a privilege to share my knowledge with people who really want to learn. Vocabulary, phonetics, grammar, conjugations of so many verbs, sentences, dialogues, all became easy because I transmitted to the pupils my love of the French language. Now they are ready to go to Paris!

And for each lesson I tried to add a French song so they're more connected to the French culture. As we say in France, everything must start and finish with a song!

Teached for the French government, soon a US citizen, Native French.

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